Networking is the fuel that accelerates success. Not only is it useful for learning directly from individuals you meet, but the benefits of association and growing your own authority are just as powerful. They say, the size of your network determines your net worth, this is way too true to be ignored.

At SASA, we hold this very dear; as a guide to help navigate the constant and ever changing business terrain. An entrepreneur with a sterling networking skills will rise a million times above his contemporaries. Success alone does not come from hard work –networking is fun and a smart way to do the heavy lifting.

It is also true, that most entrepreneurs failed to network because of self-imposed limitations, such as fear of rejection, lack of confidence, self-believe and second-guessing themselves etc. These among others factors inspired the creation of SASA E&L Online Platform.

The SASA E&L Beach Networking Event was to avail the platform members opportunity to meet, network, unwind and have fun. Above all, the event was to foster the sense of business alliances such that could result to the rise of billion dollars businesses in the nearest future.

The event was held at Lekki Leisure Lake. It was an enthralling experience for everyone present. The safe, beautiful and absolutely relaxing environment was quite impressive.




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