“Going above and beyond involves

making customers “feel special” “helping

them out even when it may not make sense”

-Neil Patel

Customer service is one of the essential elements in a business life circle. It is of course the life-stay of all business. As breathing is to man so is a customer to any business which seeks a share in the market place. If this is true, then customer service is ‘ad valorem’ to all businesses whether small or big. Poor customer service is at the centre of why many budding businesses have collapsed among other reasons in recent time. It is also a major factor responsible for the failure of small businesses. “This can be a huge mistake; since good customer service isn’t just important…it is absolutely vital” said Jean Naylor a customer experience expert.

Customer service is the all-inclusive activity of identifying and satisfying customer needs. It is the service provided to customers before, during and after a purchase. It is crucial to provide excellent customer service to all types of customers, including potential, new and existing customers. Customers will always remember if your customer service was really great or really terrible. You must understand that repeat business depends on how well you served your customers. And repeat business they say is good business.

A brand with exceptional customer service does not necessarily have to invest huge amounts on media. An excellent customer service will take your brand and products all over. Do you see Rolls-Royce advertise lately? I bet you have never seen one before. Rolls-Royce is one of the few super brands in the automobile industry yet they never pay a dollar to run a conventional media ad. This does not in any way impact their bottom-line negatively. Do you know why? They rely on their customers to bear the tales – word of mouth.

A satisfied customer can bring in hundred new customers. If there is any lesson to take away from the success of these non-advertisers, it’s their winning strategy – even without advertising – it comes down to product and people. These brands focus on making high quality products. They trust people and the power of word-of-mouth to do the rest. These brands know quality products alone cannot affect their bottom-line in so great a way except when combined with a top-notch customer experience.

When a customer buys from a local electronic retailer, he is able to benefit from the additional service of having the electronic items installed for him. At the same time hopefully he will get a good ‘service’ from the retailer, who will be happy to help them with advice about various types of electronics, warranty cover, delivery, after sales repair etc. If Apple assumed that the function of its retail network was simply to sell iPhone and iPod it would quickly lose business to competitors. Its real function is to supply an excellent customer service in its case the service of enjoyable and unsurpassable connection among folks.

Customer service is one of the essential ingredients of the marketing mix for products and services. Excellent customer service helps to create customer loyalty. Today, customers are not only interested in the product they want to buy but also the additional service that they receive from the point of entrance, to the refund and assistance that they get when they have a complaint about faulty products that they have bought.

Any business set up that could provide cutting edge customer service in this era of speed is definitely in for aggressive market share acquisition.  The 21st century customer is an empowered customer with high expectations. The good news about this type of customer is that when captured, they have a high tendency of sticking with the brand. They are also good source of referrals. They are called brand ambassadors, when not satisfied with the service rendered they log their complaint, as they say, a complaining customer is a customer who is ready to stay with the brand.


In today’s increasingly competitive markets, customers have a greater choice over where they buy their goods and services. For any organisation to meet its business objectives, it must find out what customers require and identify the best way in which it can satisfy these needs. Creating a competitive advantage could be grim. A unique strategy with clear objectives is vital to ensure steady growth.

Many organisations today are more alive to the fact that a customer is “KING” and must be treated as such, if they intend to achieve their business goals. This realisation has led to restructuring in many business set ups. The various organisations who truly adopted a customer-centric approach have been happier and are positioned to grow and increase market share.

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